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At Ambe Group, CSR is deeply rooted in our philosophy as well as our vision and values. For us, it means conducting business in a manner which benefits stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, society and the local community.

Since our inception in the year 1962, we have actively partnered with various organizations such as Rotary International, Indian Cancer Society and UNICEF India etc. for various social causes towards upliftment of the local community by sponsoring dialysis centers, Polio camps and artificial limb camps.

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Ambe Group strongly believes that an educated society is a prosperous society. Over the years, we have ensured that we actively contribute towards making this belief a reality. Every year we sponsor the education of underprivileged children as well as contribute actively towards various midday meal schemes, for providing meals to school going children. We have, over the years, developed a strong bond with the local communities within which we operate, and have worked actively with the local government to ensure upliftment and enrichment of these communities at the grass root level.

For us Environmental Sustainability means finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment through energy and water conservation as well as increasing the use of biodegradable packaging material. Our plants have an efficient and highly effective rainwater harvesting system in place. By making use of solar power for our lighting needs and switching to LEDs instead of the traditional incandescent and CFL lighting, we have greatly reduced our carbon footprint and are committed to further reduce this in the future.

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